honey pot & hive

february charity band 🌻 lmsdr.org

$10.00 USD


proceeds from this month’s print will be donated directly to lmsdr.org to support the leiomyosarcoma support & direct research foundation in gabriella masiello’s name.

february charity band is dedicated to leiomyosarcoma research. february 14th, 2020 gabriella marie masiello finished a long battle with leiomyosarcoma. i hate when people say someone “lost their fight” just because they aren’t here with us anymore. they don’t lose. gabs won her fight by the way she lived her life, the love she gave, and everything that she stood for.

honestly, i’m crying writing this.

gianna, teresa, john, thank you for allowing myself and chemo queens to continue honoring gabs’ legacy. we love you guys so much.

gabs, we miss you every day & it doesn’t seem real that we’ve had to spend an entire year without you. i’m always sending you my love, and missing you like hell. love you always 🌻💛